Surf the lactose-free wave efficiently! 

Are you ready to ride the lactose-free dairy wave? Because it’s here, and it continues to get bigger! Recent research conducted by DSM found that 40% of consumers interviewed expect to be buying more lactose-free products in the next three to five years . Estimates suggest that the CAGR of lactose-free dairy will be more than double that of regular dairy between 2019 and 2024, at 6.5% and 2.4% respectively. 

Lactose intolerance, health appeal and sustainability are driving the lactose-free trend

An impaired ability to digest lactose – also known as lactose intolerance – affects many individuals across the globe. It typically leads to digestive discomfort following the consumption of dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt. The lactose-free trend is further accelerated by the rising number of consumers – especially those aged 18-34 – who are turning to lactose-free solutions for their perceived health appeal. Those solutions offering additional nutritional benefits or claims are even more popular. That’s not all. Growing numbers of consumers are concerned about sustainability when buying dairy-based milk, and seek reassurances about authenticity. The top five sustainability concerns have been identified as health, natural, animal welfare, locally produced, and GMO. What’s also fascinating is that DSM research found that around two-thirds of consumers expect to move to more local products in the coming 3-5 years, and will look for more organic products1.

Not surprisingly, given this rapid market growth and the increasingly competitive category, lactose-free dairy producers are working hard to stand out. This fast-changing market is creating new opportunities for dairy manufacturers to differentiate based on health and on sustainability packaging claims, but is also driving the need for more efficient production and increased capacity.

DSM rises to the challenge with new lactase enzyme Maxilact® Super

To meet this triple challenge, DSM’s lactase experts have been busy. They have created Maxilact® Super, a new addition to the Maxilact® range. Maxilact® Super is the one-stop-shop lactase that enables you to live your label and achieve optimal efficiency with the highest quality for all packaging claims, from regular to organic, and VLOG. Let’s unpack these benefits a little.

Live your label

Maxilact® Super is the go-to enzyme solution for all dairy processes regardless of your product’s positioning – from ordinary to organic labeled products.  Yes, that’s right: one enzyme for all label claims. It enables you to live your label in all your applications, whether it is milk, milk drinks or yogurt.

Optimal efficiency and capacity

Maxilact®Super is based on an impåoved technology and has a high activity, enabling a double-digit increase in production efficiency and increased capacity without capex investment. It cuts the hydrolysis time by 33%, and the same amount of lactase produces 50% more lactose-free dairy compared to Maxilact®LGi.

Highest quality and clean taste

As part of the Maxilact® range of pure lactases, Maxilact®Super guarantees the clean taste consumers expect. It is completely free from invertase and arylsulfatase: enzyme components that can produce off-flavors and reduce stability during the shelf life of dairy products.

In addition, you can be assured of dependable consistency, as DSM is the global leader in lactase development and manufacturing, with more than 50 years of experience in this field. DSM has full quality control over the whole production and distribution chain. Working with DSM guarantees in-depth and global expert services in the whole dairy matrix to create innovative, agile and relevant solutions in true partnership with customers.

Maxilact® Super: greater efficiency for all label claims

Interested in reading more about Maxilact® Super? This product leaflet will give you all the insights you need.

Leading lactases for lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy

Looking for a pure lactase enzyme to create the ultimate clean taste? Need a lactase enzyme to up your efficiency? Meet the other solutions in our broad range of Maxilact® lactase enzymes.

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Published on
09 June 2022

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