The new yogurt prototype that answers a key question

How do I keep my yogurt-on-the-go fresh and tasty in all circumstances?

Developments in biopreservatives are moving at a fast pace. I am particularly delighted with a new prototype that my DSM colleagues have recently developed. It’s an innovative probiotic yogurt-on-the-go prototype. Why am I raving about it? Three reasons. It’s delicious. It’s clean-label. And it’s safe from production to consumption. So definitely worth hearing more about …

Developed with one eye on the consumer …

Consumers are increasingly searching the shelves for yogurts that are more natural, and have shorter ingredient lists. In fact, clean label attributes are becoming as important as nutritional attributes1

Indeed, “natural” is now the number one claim for yogurt2, and almost 20% of global yogurt launches contain the claim “no additives/preservatives”3. Another indication that consumers desire less artificial preservation ingredients is that the potassium sorbate usage in new yogurt launches has decreased from approximately 30% in 2014 to10% in 20184

Also, let’s not forget that the rise in busy modern lifestyles is increasing the demand for trendy “on-the-go” yogurts – which have to stay safe and fresh to consume. 

… and the other eye on the manufacturer!

So what are producers doing to meet these consumer demands for snacking yogurts? They are looking for more stringent food protection to minimize the risk of spoilage-related incidents, protect brand reputation, and avoid consumer complaints in a clean label way, without artificial preservatives.

The DSM solution

The recipe that my colleagues at DSM have created is a combination of culture solutions: Delvo®Fresh cultures, Delvo®Pro probiotic bifidobacteria, and Delvo®Guard protective cultures. It enables yogurt manufacturers to create delicious, mild tasting and creamy yogurt with probiotics bifidobacteria that will remain safe and fresh during on-the go situations. Two typical applications are in a lunchbox or in a car at ambient temperature. With only three ingredients on the ingredient declaration (milk, sugar, culture), it is ideally geared toward the clean label trend. 

Helping to reduce food waste

Roughly one third of the food produced globally for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted5. Yogurt is wasted at dairy manufacturers, retail establishments and in households. Our new yogurt concept will help to reduce food waste at consumer level, and contribute to a better planet.

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Curious about the recipe?

Convenience and health are key to yogurt innovation, but what do consumers look for on-the-go yogurt moments? Download the recipe leaflet and find out more about the latest consumer trends and innovation opportunities. For more details, contact me or your known DSM contact person. 

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Published on

21 November 2019