Delvo®Fresh Cultures for Fermented Milk Products

Boost health, taste and texture

Looking for high-quality and consistent cultures that meet your every yogurt application and process need? You’ve found them…

We cater for all globally known yogurt categories – ideal for meeting varying consumer tastes. For example, our Delvo®Fresh cultures for stirred and drinkable yogurt can emphasize specific properties in taste and texture.

Our portfolio also serves many regional yogurt specialties. We’ll help you create fast acidifying ambient yogurt with the perfect mouthfeel; high-quality dahi through specially developed culture blends; mild & creamy German-style yogurt; and high-protein yogurts - with each blend specifically designed to meet your precise process needs.

For set yogurts, our cultures are specially developed to ferment directly in the final pot. And we even offer you solutions for fresh fermented mesophilic applications like sour cream and Quark - with our Ceska®Star range.

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Welcome to Delvo®Fresh Pioneer start cultures: for very mild yogurt

These pioneering new cultures have been specially developed by our experts to help you create deliciously indulgent, extremely mild yogurt. With high pH stability during processing - and throughout shelf life - they deliver a consistently mild and creamy taste & texture – every time. 

Product range

Cultures for stirred yogurt

Emphasize specific properties in taste and texture.

Cultures for high-protein yogurt

Specifically designed to meet your diverse process and recipe needs.  

Cultures for set yogurt

Every culture is specially developed to ferment directly in the final pot.

Cultures for ambient yogurt

Now you can create fast acidifying ambient yogurt with the perfect mouthfeel.

Cultures for dahi

Try our new specially developed blends for consistently high-quality dahi.

Cultures for Ayran and Doogh

Solutions that boost quality & performance of savory yogurt.

German-style yogurt

Create authentic German-style yogurt with a super- mild flavor and creamy texture.

Cultures for Quark, fromage frais & cream cheese
Cultures for buttermilk & kefir
Cultures for Sour Cream

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