Bioprotective cultures for yogurt

Naturally extend shelf life while balancing taste

Creating a shelf-life solution for yogurt that balances complex demands like health, pricing, labeling, taste & texture, and efficient production - isn’t an easy job. Which is why the experts at DSM created our latest, easy-to-use Delvo®Guard cultures to protect your brand while meeting growing consumer demand for fresh yogurts that benefit their health and reduce food waste.

Our four latest Delvo®Guard cultures give you the high levels of quality and safety you’d expect from DSM. Delivered as Direct Vat Cultures (DVC), they delay yeast and mold growth; and all with no (or limited) impact on fermentation process and time.

These versatile cultures are designed to fit your needs, whether you need to maximize bioprotection in challenging situations like hiccups in production or cold breaks in the supply chain (Delvo®Guard 301 & 302); or if you’re looking for lower post-acidification (Delvo®Guard 304 & 305). And as ever, our application experts will support you every step of the way.

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Delvo®Guard facts and benefits

Balancing shelf-life and taste has never been easier

As shown below, our Delvo®Guard family of cultures (DG301-305) give you the power to decide exactly how you want to balance bioprotection versus post-acidity. Simple!

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