Ready to deliver on your Dahi?

We all know that India loves Dahi, the fresh fermented milk product also known simply as ‘curd’.

In fact, recent figures from researchshow that almost three in four indians have made fresh homemade curd in the past six months. However, the market for packaged Dahi in India has accelerated in recent years as the population migrates from rural to urban areas -and consumers demands not only greater convenience and shelf life - but also additional health benefits.

Perhaps the most interesting finding from this research is that only 20% of Indian consumers think that homemade Dahi is healthier than packaged Dahi.

Indian consumers clearly place a tremendous amount of trust in the Dahi products and brands they buy. The question now for Dahi manufacturers: how can they continue to build and deliver on that trust?

Changing consumer demand

Here at DSM, we have been striving to help our customers benefit from this untapped opportunity. But there are several challenges to solve, not least the fact that India is a big country - and Dahi has many regional variations: from chaas to lassi, raita, kadhi and shrikhand

So, what do consumers look for in a good Dahi? According to the same research, these are the top three qualities that consumers are looking for:

  • Nutritious and healthy (55%)
  • Tasty (43%)
  • Thick/non-watery (30%)

Balancing these requirements is not easy. But armed with these insights, DSM’s technical experts have created a new generation of highly phage-resistant cultures that enable manufacturers to create premium-quality Dahi that taps into the growing consumer health trend.

These cultures offer a range of deliciously authentic taste with typical clean dahi flavor and minimal whey separation; they provide the flexibility to deliver a range of different textures – from grainy to smooth to super-thick; and they enable Dahi to be produced more consistently and cost-effectively than ever before.

Welcome to the Delvo®Fresh DH-1000 culture series for manufacturing of premium Dahi.

The convenient choice

The Delvo®Fresh DH-1000 culture series offer fast fermentation with low post-acidification - and minimal whey separation making it ideal for pouch and cup style Dahi. It guarantees consistent performance and comes in convenient and easy-to-use Direct to Vat pouches. Furthermore, thanks to our unique fermentation technology, Delvo®Fresh DH-1000 culture series offer cost-effective manufacturing. 

Ready to Dahi?

To discover how DSM can guide and support you in the smooth implementation of Delvo®Fresh DH-1000 culture series, simply contact your local DSM representative and they will be delighted to help you. In fact, our expert technical team can support you in everything from concept development to final product launch and trouble-shooting. For more information download the leaflet.


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Published on

19 August 2021