Insights report: Plant-based alternatives becoming part of the mainstream

Many consumers today are choosing to increase their consumption of plant-based food and beverages. Along with the growth of the vegan and vegetarian trend, flexitarian and part-time diets are becoming increasingly popular. DSM Food Specialties has commissioned a survey among consumers who are opting for a more plant-based diet to find out why.

We surveyed 2500 consumers across Europe (the Netherlands, Germany, the UK & France) and the US who say they go meatless or dairy-free at least one day per week. What we found was that many consumers are not always consciously reducing their meat and dairy consumption. Those who did do so consciously, most often reduced their meat and dairy consumption for health reasons.

This report will help shed light on the plant-based trend:

  • Why are consumers adding more meat and dairy alternatives to their diet?
  • Do consumers expect to continue eating plant-based in the next few years?
  • What do consumers think of meat and dairy alternatives on the market today?

Read the Plant Power Consumer Insights report to find out what drives the new choices of consumers.

Food Fact

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Published on

10 April 2019