Ready to hit the right notes in oat-based drinks? Enjoy it all.

Consumers are turning to dairy alternative drinks for a whole variety of reasons – including health and environmental concerns1. But there is one type of alternative that now outpaces even old-time favorites like almond and soy drinks.

Between 2018 and 2021 there was a sharp increase in the number of oat-based drink product launches in regions like North America and EMEA2. In fact, the global oat drink market is now predicted to grow at nearly 8% CAGR through 20313.

It’s great news for forward-thinking manufacturers able to meet demand by producing these products quickly, efficiently, and sustainably. But of course, this isn’t an easy job – especially when also striving to meet the ever-evolving taste, texture, and health preferences of consumers. Which is why at DSM Food & Beverage we have developed a whole family of solutions that help oat drink producers achieve all this and more.

Simplified production is just a step away

Manufacturers of oat-based dairy alternatives face several challenges. On the one hand, there is a need to increase capacity to keep up with high demand. On the other hand, producers also need to simplify processes and improve efficiencies to remain profitable - especially in the current challenging global environment of high inflation and volatile energy prices.

To help tackle these multiple challenges, the team at DSM has created Delvo®Plant Go. This smartenzyme solution has been specifically designed to take the complexity out of manufacturing oat-based drinks by removing the need for separate liquefaction and saccharification phases that traditionally require different temperatures.

Specifically, Delvo®Plant Go enables a one-step hydrolysis at a single temperature - which can reduce hydrolysis time by up to 30% - taking it from around three to two hours. Producers using Delvo®Plant Go benefit from savings in time, energy and water, all without impacting the taste or texture of the final application. Furthermore, this new solution also supports organic and non-GMO formulations – thus appealing to a broad range of consumers.

Here’s to a fortified future

Delvo®Plant Go is one way we’re supporting the dairy alternatives segment, but it’s certainly not the only way. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vitamins and functional ingredients, we can also support manufacturers with fast and effective fortification - using everything from plant-based and sustainably sourced Omega-3; to vitamins and nutrients that fill nutritional gaps; to complete plant-based proteins, to custom nutritional premix blends that boost nutritional profile.

In fact, our experts are here to help manufacturers succeed by drawing on a vast portfolio that also includes enzymes, plant-based proteins, nutritional lipids, natural color solutions and hydrocolloids –to name a few.

Healthy product, healthy business

Ultimately, with DSM Food & Beverage you get more than a supplier. You get a solutions provider, a reliable partner – able to help you boost the nutritional and sensory experience across a wide range of segments and applications. Now, with the latest advances in technology, we can help manufacturers achieve this while also improving production efficiency. Enjoy it all.


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Published on

29 November 2022


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