Meat the foundations of great taste

Keeping up with global food trends can be dizzying, yet food producers know how important it is to stay ahead of this curve. Today’s modern consumer is more mindful than ever of their health and wellness, and this trend is on display up and down grocery store shelves - from fortified baked goods to clean-label convenience foods. But as fickle as consumer desires may be, one thing seems to remain constant: their demand for great taste and authentic flavor.

Tested and trusted industry-wide

As a key partner to food producers, DSM has been quietly perfecting great taste for over thirty years. Our well-known and recognized Maxavor® RYE range of flavors has formed the cornerstone of familiar product formulations in a broad range of global cuisines. Over decades of flavor innovation, they have been tried, tested and trusted across the industry.

The Maxavor® RYE range includes four key profiles (clean roast, roast beef, roast chicken and white meat), all recognized as essential for consistently great taste in the development of convenience foods. These Maillard flavors are the result of a reaction between an amino acid and a reducing sugar, in combination with a heating stage, to give browned food its distinctive flavor. Versatile and flexible, they perform efficiently in a wide range of applications – from soups and sauces to meat based products and the growing need of great tasting meat alternatives.

Because consumers won’t compromise on taste, these foundational flavors still deliver the intense and authentic flavors they’re known for, with full umami, even in the low salt options. They’re ready and easy to use in powder form, with low dose rates contributing to low cost-in-use. We bring these trusted flavors to customers along with three decades of application knowledge and a deep understanding of how to develop exciting, modern and on-trend recipes. The best-selling Maxavor® range is accepted and recognized throughout the food industry, and our global footprint ensures smooth collaboration with regional experts.


Your challenge is our challenge

Food preferences come and go, and producers face a tough challenge in staying ahead of the curve. Regardless of trend, great taste and exciting flavors have staying power. The recently introduced Maxavor RYE LS (Low Salt) clearly demonstrate these flavors adapt to modern needs. With a decades-long heritage in flavor innovation, DSM remains the supplier of choice for producers looking to develop delicious new formulations with outstanding flavor at their foundation. 

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Published on

30 July 2021