Baking enzymes for bread

Bread that looks good and tastes great at minimal costs

Consumers today are continuously looking for bread that is healthier, looks and tastes better while containing less salt and staying fresh for longer. Meeting these demands is a challenge for bread improver companies and bakers. That's why we offer a proven range of baking enzymes that help achieve higher quality bread at minimal costs. As we are on a mission to enable better food for everyone we support bread improvers and bakers in creating natural, healthy and tasty bread that consumers love. 

By adding just a small amount of our baking enzymes, bread characteristics such as dough strength, processing tolerance, loaf volume and crumb structure can be significantly improved. For instance, take a look at our BakeZyme® range that helps delay crumb staling, keeping bread fresher for longer, while extending bread softness and resilience without creating gumminess. 

DSM's baking enzymes enable you to save on ingredient costs by making ingredients like emulsifiers and gluten redundant. By using our Panamore® range of lipases for example, you could achieve a 50 to 80% reduction in carbon footprint compared to using DATEM, SSL and CSL. In this way, teaming up with DSM allows bread manufacturers to stay ahead of their game. 

Want to know more about the right product for bread applications, take a look at the product range below. 

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Product range


Improve bread softness, volume and crumb structure, for higher quality bread.


Baking enzymes that improve dough strengthening act as an alternative for chemical emulsifers.


Baking enzymes to reduce acrylamide levels by up to 95%.

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