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DSM is a leading global supplier of specialty dairy ingredients, offering a wide range of cultures, enzymes, cheese ripening & bio-preservation solutions and residual antibiotic milk tests to produce cheese, fermented milk products and (lactose-free) milk. Our dairy expertise is built on almost 150 years of science and experience with microbiology and fermentation technology and has resulted in leading dairy industry brands like Maxilact®, Delvo® cultures, Ceska®Star cultures, Maxiren®XDS, Milase®Premium, Delvo®Cid and Delvotest®.

Today’s dairy aisles are continuously changing to keep up with consumer demand for affordable as well as premium products, and products that are allergen-free, fat & sugar-reduced, clean label and more indulgent. As a true dairy industry partner on a mission to enable better food for everyone, we offer ingredients and solutions to help dairy manufacturers cater to these wishes. We share the belief with our customers that better dairy products should be appealing to consumers, and should be safe, healthier, fresh-looking and efficiently produced. 

Building on a foundation of consumer and customer insights, science, sustainability and global dairy expertise, DSM’s dairy experts are passionately driven to be a true partner of global, regional, and local brands to create new and improved cheese, fermented milk products and (lactose-free) milk products that consumers love. We offer dairy manufacturers in-depth ingredient and application knowledge, as well as product formulation support. We listen well, ask many questions and work alongside customer product developers to get to the desired consumer product. This way, we can provide customers much more value than they would get from an ingredient alone. 

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If you want to create better tasting, healthier dairy products supported by real experts, you’re in the right place. We’ve been integrating the DSM and CSK product families and teams to give you a broader, stronger portfolio supported by the right expertise - wherever and whenever you need it. The one thing that hasn’t changed? Our commitment to you – and meeting the evolving needs of your customers. So, why not join us to see how we can bring exciting new dairy to the table together?

Dairy application areas

Our products and solutions help our customers to produce better dairy products that are appealing, safe, healthy and efficiently produced.

Milk Drinks

Consumer demand is key and we help our milk producing customers in many ways. Making milk lactose-free, or creating low sugar and clean tasting milk drinks, Maxilact® can make it all possible. And that’s not all: our Delvotest® kit allows farmers, dairies, and milk control labs to keep milk free from antibiotic residues.

Fermented Milk Products

DSM is a knowledgeable manufacturer of cultures for Fermented Milk Products. We bring taste and texture dairy solutions to set, stirred, drinking and high -in-protein yogurts, as well as for sour cream, quark and kefir. Our Delvo®Fresh cultures produce creamier, low-fat, naturally sweet and healthy fermented milk products. With Maxilact®, our customers can make dairy a delicious option for lactose intolerant consumers and with our range of Delvo®Pro probiotic strains you can produce attractive yogurts with effective probiotics that customers know and trust. Using Delvotest® will guarantee milk free from antibiotic residues.


For more than hundred years, we’ve been helping cheese makers the world over produce cheeses with just the right flavor and textures to appeal to their very specific markets. Our range of Delvo®Cheese cultures, enzymes (such as Maxiren®) work together to create unique taste and texture, while keeping costs down and running production at maximum efficiency. Whether you produce CheddarContinentalMozzarellaCottageWhiteSwiss cheese or processed cheese, we offer a wide range of solutions. Making a perfect cheese starts with excellent milk quality. DSM’s leading Delvotest® range of residual antibiotic tests allows full transparency into milk quality.