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From continental cheeses and mozzarella to white cheese and cheddar, cheese has long been a consumer favorite. There are about 2000 different cheeses available worldwide1, with some varieties only known regionally while others – such as Gouda – are recognized globally.

As a solutions provider and partner to its customers, DSM provides guidance and support throughout the entire cheese production process. We have helped customers with a wide variety of requests and questions - from selecting the right coagulant or culture and achieving the best taste and texture possible, to questions about efficient culture rotations, naturally extending shelf life and production efficiency.

Adding value to our customers’ production processes and helping them create high quality cheese products with great taste and texture is what we – at DSM - do best. Whether it’s improving yield, minimizing waste losses, developing low-fat cheese products, creating unique tastes or making the most of whey streams, DSM’s experts work side-by-side with customers to achieve their goals. Our broad portfolio of cheese cultures, enzymes, biopreservation and cheese ripening solutions provide peace of mind to our customers and enable them to efficiently produce delicious cheeses.

With DSM’s experience, expertise and proven solutions, including Delvo®Cheese culturesMaxiren®Fromase®Pack-Age®Delvo®Cid and Delvotest®, we can help cheese producers accelerate, innovate and get their delicious cheese products to market faster.

Creating Better Cheese. Together.


Cheese Application Areas

Solutions for cheddar cheese

With its excellent shelf life and flavor, cheddar is widely popular, particularly in the UK and US. From young to mature, hundreds of cheddar varieties are enjoyed worldwide - with taste varying from country to country.

Solutions for continental cheese

The continental, semi-soft cheese category is broad and includes popular types of Gouda and Edam cheeses, the French raclette and the Spanish Manchego cheese.

Solutions for cottage cheese

Cottage cheeses are produced all over the world under many different names, such as Hüttenkäse in Germany and Hytteost in Denmark and Norway.

Solutions for mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella is a traditionally southern Italian cheese, made from Italian buffalo milk using the pasta filata method.

NEW: Delvo®Cheese CP-500, stretch your mozzarella yield by up to 1.3%

DSM adds a new culture to the existing mozzarella portfolio, Delvo®Cheese CP-500. This culture packs more moisture into your mozzarella - unlocking a yield increase of up to 1.3%. With improved stretchiness and meltability, it's also great news for pizza lovers.


Starter culture for cheese.

Delvo®ADD adjuncts

Adjuncts to differentiate and build a unique rich flavor.


The purest microbial coagulants.


The most specific fermentation produced chymosin coagulants.


Enzymes that accelerate the cheese ripening process.


Pack-Age® is a high-tech packaging solution for naturally ripening cheese.


Delvo®Coat, coating protecting against yeasts and molds.


Natamycin-based biopreservation solution.


Fermentation-based peptide, effective against bacterial spoilage.


An enzyme with a biopreservative functionality, effective against bacteria.


The gold standard for antibiotic residue testing.

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