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Maxilact® enables lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy that tastes great

Maxilact® is our portfolio of neutral lactase enzymes that helps you produce lactose free dairy products that taste great. Not only does Maxilact® meet the needs of lactose intolerant customers worldwide; its natural sweetness enables you to achieve sugar reduction in all dairy products by up to 20% – which benefits everyone.

Lactose intolerance isn’t a new problem: In fact, our market leadership is based on more than 50 years’ experience, during which time we’ve become the primary producer of lactase worldwide. For example, our scientists have found a way to remove the impurities which cause off-flavor from lactase – which in turn has proven to significantly improve the quality of lactose free products. But the benefits don’t end there. Maxilact® also drives sweetness enhancement in dairy products, boosting taste without adding calories.

Recently, Maxilact® Smart was developed by the bright minds at DSM and it’s the latest in a series of innovations in lactose-free dairy that have made us the lactase market leader.

Working with DSM means working with global leading experts, guaranteeing worldwide support by DSM’s dairy experts to give yourself an all-important competitive advantage.

Maxilact® - The leading lactase with impact.

Lactose-free dairy

Sugar-reduced dairy

Clean taste

Leading expert support

Process efficiency


Maxilact® for lactose-free dairy

Our portfolio of Maxilact® neutral lactases features several lactases, such as Maxilact®LGi, Maxilact®LGX and Maxilact® LAGX and the latest addition, Maxilact® Smart, the fastest lactase on the market. Our product and application experts can support you in choosing the right Maxilact® product and dosage for your particular application or specific needs as suitable for organic.

Maxilact® Smart, the lactase with an impact on production efficiency

Are you looking to produce lactose-free dairy products faster while delivering the clean taste that consumers love? Maxilact® Smart is the fastest lactase on the market and is the latest addition to our Maxilact lactase range. Maxilact® Smart enables a double-digit increase in production efficiency.

Maxilact® Smart helps you meet the growing worldwide demand for lactose-free dairy in a sustainable – and profitable way. Maxilact® Smart reduces your carbon footprint and energy consumption. So, you can benefit even more from the stand-out health appeal of lactose-free, with no compromise on the clean taste that consumers enjoy.

Suitable for various applications and production methods. Whether you manufacture lactose-free milk, yogurt, or cheese, whether you add lactase before or after heat treatment, Maxilact® Smart fits.

Maxilact® for sugar-reduced dairy

If you want to reduce sugar in dairy products by up to 50%, look no further than our Maxilact® family of lactose-free dairy enzymes. The result: Reduced-sugar dairy with a clean, fresh – and sweet - taste. 

Maxilact provides the opportunity to meeting the needs of consumers looking for healthy and tasty dairy products and to reduce sugar in their diet.

Maxilact can be paired with sugar, sweeteners or stevia, breaking down lactose in the glucose and galactose to release natural sweetness – and delivering a sugar reduction ranging from 20 to 50%.

Biomilk 300: for accurate determination of residual lactose levels

Imagine if you could know the precise residual lactose level in your dairy products within three minutes - at every moment in the process, and with a sensitivity of 0.01%. Biomilk 300 is an analysis device that enables you to achieve all this and more – providing short lead times in the booming lactose-free segment. Biomilk 300 is recommended for use with Maxilact®.

Biomilk 300 consistently delivers results in less than three minutes at every stage of production, giving you the peace of mind so essential for effective quality control – and ensuring the targeted residual lactose level has always been safely reached.

Biomilk 300 also works with a range of lactose-free and low lactose dairy products. It delivers analysis results for a large variety of samples (anything that can be pipetted) directly onto the screen with no laptop or special skills needed; and while this device is easy to use, the DSM dairy team is always on hand to provide advice– wherever in the world you may be.

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Ben’s deep dive into the latest lactose-free market trends

Walk into many supermarkets, cafés, and restaurants today and chances are, you can find a lactose-free option on offer. Just a couple of weeks ago, the popular Costa Coffee chain in the UK announced that they would start offering lactose-free milk in their more than 2,000 locations across the country. Customers are delighted that they can now get their latté without the lactose, giving people who live a lactose-free lifestyle greater freedom in how — and where — they get their coffee fix.

Maxilact® LGi

Gold standard lactases, also suitable for organic dairy.

Maxilact® LGX

The lactase specially developed for in-line filtration.

Maxilact® LAGX

The lactase specially developed for aseptic dosing.

Maxilact® Smart

The lactase with an impact on process efficiency.

Biomilk 300

Analyzer for accurate determination of residual lactose levels, recommended for use with Maxilact®.


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