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Delvo®Cheese CT for Continental Cheese

A total solution for Continental Cheese

Our Delvo®Cheese CT cultures family achieves unique flavor and texture in continental cheese across a wide range of young, aged and specialist continental cheeses. Combined with our complementary enzymes they give you a wealth of options for taking your continental cheese to the next level.
Continental cheeses created with DSM Cultures for the right taste and texture

Cheese cultures: Ripe for success

Continental cheeses have been designed to answer different market needs, ranging from easy and affordable solutions – like sliced and diced cheeses to put on a sandwich or use in meals – to premium specialty cheeses with a unique flavor or texture to enjoy on a cheese platter with a glass of wine.

Total solution for continental cheese challenges

The production of every continental cheese type requires a different approach.

Low-fat Continental Cheese

Imagine low-fat Continental Cheese with the same great taste and texture as a full-fat cheese. Guess what? It’s simple when you use Delvo®Cheese CT-Light. It allows for a fat reduction of more than 30% and there is no need for additives or stabilizers. It is the perfect answer to consumer demand for healthier cheese options.

Reduced ripening times

Do you want to reduce ripening times? Combine Delvo®Cheese with our Accelerzyme® enzymes or use our Delvo®Cheese CT-Taste cultures to reduce ripening time by up to 50% while maintaining the same great taste, texture and shelf-life that consumers expect.

Extend shelf life in Continental Cheese

Looking to extend shelf life? Introduce coagulants like our Maxiren® and Fromase® - which also improve texture and extends shelf-life.

Protect your cheese from mold and yeast

To complete our total solution, we also have a range preservation products, like Delvo®CoatDelvo®Zyme and Pack-Age® to protect your cheese against mold and yeast.

In fact, if you’re looking for a total solution to your continental cheese challenges…we have the people, services and products to make it happen.

Benefits of our total solution

  • Robust acidification
  • Reduces ripening times
  • Delivers clean and diverse taste profiles
  • Ideal for all types of continental cheeses
  • Extends shelf life and texture when paired with our natural dairy enzymes
  • All our cultures and enzymes are clean label – a natural choice
  • Supported by 100 years’ dairy experience.

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