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Brew Gluten-free beer

Gluten-free beer was initially developed for people with coeliac disease who want to enjoy beer. But consumers perceive gluten-free products to be “healthier for you” and useful in weight management, with 42% of consumers who say they watch their weight also restrict their intake of gluten containing foods.  Beer producers are responding to the gluten-free trend, in 2015 there was a 62% global rise in gluten-free beer launches.
Better beer clarity with Brewers Clarex®

Easy solution in any beer

There are different ways to make a gluten-reduced or gluten-free beer. One approach is to make beer from cereals like sorghum, rice or corn, that don’t contain gluten – and thus have a different flavor and aroma profile compared to traditional products made with barley malt.

But this is changing. More and more brewers are discovering the benefits of adding the Brewers Clarex® enzyme at the start of the regular beer fermentation process which breaks down the specific gluten protein that causes allergic reactions or adverse health effects. With that, Brewers can easily create gluten-free beers using gluten-containing (barley) malt with no impact on taste or quality. At the same time the Brewers Clarex enzyme prevents beer haze and enables a shorter, more efficient stabilization process which results in clear, beer that remains bright during the shelf life.

Brewers Clarex allows brewers to easily produce gluten-free beer while still being able to determine their favorite recipe and brew a great tasting beer.

Read this article from Chemical & Engineering News to find out how breweries are capitalizing on this opportunity.

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