Got a Cheese Challenge?

Meet us at the CheeseExpo to discuss how we can solve it.

April 16-18, 2024, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Once again, cheese industry leaders, suppliers and marketers are set to gather in Wisconsin to discuss the latest in cheese technology, products, whey opportunities, product safety and marketing – to name a few.

So why not join us at booth 519 to discuss how we can help solve your particular Cheese Challenge? 

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that delivers the specific cheddar flavor that consumers love? From block cheddar to table cheddar to specialty cheddar, our cheddar solutions portfolio delivers all this and more – including reliable, consistent acidification performance and robust culture rotations for more efficient production. 

If you want to step-up your phage detection, look no further than our new Delvo®Phage test kit. This unique and easy-to-use digital qPRC testing solution enables a more consistent cheese production process – improving your yield while reducing downgrades and waste. But why stop there? Use our digital phage management platform Delvo®Analytics to get greater visibility into phage problems and stay one step ahead. 

Striving for signature cheese flavor? Why not take our Flavor Wheel™ concept for a spin? This broad range of adjunct cultures is proven over 50 years to add unique flavor direction to all kinds of cheese: from cheddar to Gouda to Monterrey Jack. The result: award-winning cheese with excellent taste and texture – and faster ripening times. 

Or maybe you want to increase cheese yield? In which case, choose our fermentation-produced chymosin, Maxiren®XDS. It delivers higher yields (up to 1.5%) for all cheese types; with improved whey quality and the highest levels of firmness and sliceability. It’s also better for the planet, with a 12% lower carbon footprint and up to 15% less waste (and bitterness). 

Of course, this is just a taste of what we can offer you. No matter what your Cheese Challenge, our team is here to help you differentiate on taste & texture - while improving your efficiency, with dependable coagulation and acidification.

We look forward to seeing you there. 


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