Boosting taste, texture and efficiency in cheddar

So, what’s your cheddar challenge?

If you’re a cheddar producer striving to create a product with better taste and texture – and produced with greater efficiency – you’re in the right place. Here at DSM, we offer a complete, tailor-made solution for cheddar cheese production that help create a product that delights people while delivering profitability. Enjoy it all.

Whether you’re looking to differentiate on premium taste on order to meet evolving consumer needs; or step-up your process and product optimization, we’ll help you achieve it - through our family of cultures, coagulants, enzymes, bulk starters and media, supported by deep industry expertise that’s customized to your unique needs.

For example, you can produce consistently high-quality and phage-robust cheddar with a clean and full taste – and all at consistent acidification speed – with the Delvo®Cheese CH range - including our new CH-250 culture that delivers premium balanced classical cheddar flavor (especially in North America). But why stop there? We’ll help you further boost flavor development with our Maxiren® XDS coagulant, which also eliminates off-flavors (as well having excellent texture and superior slicing performance). And you can then even give your cheese a tailored signature flavor with the adjunct cultures in our DSM Flavor Wheel™. 

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Cheddar portfolio

Delvo®Cheese-CH range

Starter cultures for cheddar cheese.

Delvo®ADD adjuncts

Adjuncts to differentiate and build a unique rich flavor.

Flavor Wheel™

Give your cheese flavor profile a twist with our unique FlavorWheel™ concept.

Ceska® Star 

Starter cultures and Adjunct cultures to differentiate cheese flavor and texture.


Coagulants to boost the process and production efficiency of mozzarella, for superior sliceability and shreddability. Maxiren®XDS also increases yield by reducing the losses in the process

Fromase® XLG

Pure microbial rennet further purified for less unwanted side activities.



Pack-age® is a high-tech packaging solution for naturally ripening cheese.


Customized solutions for every region delivering superior perfomance and microbial protection- with an appetizing appearance.


Superior performance and microbial protection with an appetizing appearance in a range of colors for every region and application.


The gold standard for antibiotic residue testing.


Protective cultures.


Natamycin-based natural preservation solution.


Delvo®Nis, a fermentation-based peptide effective against bacterial spoilage


Delvo®Zyme, an enzyme with biopreservative functionality effective against bacteria

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