Delvo®Analytics app

The digital phage management solution

Our unique digital platform delivers trusted phage analysis of your whey samples plus phage rotation advice from DSM experts, available 24-7

There are phages in your dairy. But our experts will help you outsmart them through our Delvo®Analytics digital platform.

Not only does Delvo®Analytics deliver trusted phage analysis of your whey samples – along with insights into phage trends. It also connects your dairy operations on the factory floor directly to DSM experts who provide culture rotation and hygiene advice in a data-analytics-ready format – including access to a phage trend dashboard.

Delvo®Analytics delivers analytical insight to your computer, tablet or phone, available 24/7 - in cheese, as well as fresh fermented milk products, including quark. Simply submit your samples (whey, milk, etc) for bacteriophage analysis and then track the status of your request from anywhere, anytime, using our app.

It's all part of broader phage management solution from DSM that includes our Delvo®Phage test kit: a unique qPRC test that delivers phage results within one hour, boosting product yield and profitability.

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