Fruit and vegetable processing enzymes

Rapidase® gets more value out of your fruits and vegetables

Choose Rapidase® for your fruit and vegetable processing and you choose the most established and versatile enzyme brand in the industry. Our Rapidase® range enables higher yields, depectinization, improved texture, firmness and color.  

Our Rapidase® portfolio is a proven and highly effective pectinase for fruit juice, helping our customers boost their filtration and clarification to produce crystal clear juice with a greater appeal to consumers. But this is only part of the story.

Our fruit processing enzymes can also help you with maceration and maximum extraction of product from the raw fruit – particularly in apples where a 95% yield is possible. You achieve all this with no compromise on the taste, consistency or nutritional value of your product. In fact, Rapidase® can help you intensify the color of juice and make fruit firmer and more appealing in applications like yoghurts.

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The Rapidase® product range

Rapidase® Smart Plus

For apple juice processors looking for a solution to achieve high apple juice yields or maximum throughput during peak season.

Rapidase® Organic

Organic and non-GMO enzymes that are also free from any food allergens.

Rapidase® Color

Specially developed enzymes for the full release of color and antioxidants in berry colored juices.

Rapidase® fruit texture

Rapidase® FP Super and Rapidase® PEP strength the natural fruit and vegetable structure to create appealing, firm fruit.

Create firmer fruit and vegetable pieces

How can you ensure that fruit and vegetable pieces stay firm and appealing for consumers – even after mechanical and thermal treatment? Simple. Just use our Rapidase® PEP and Rapidase® FP Super enzymes.

We’ll help you retain the natural texture, shape, and appearance of fruit and vegetables - the natural way, with a thicker puree and no color bleed. 

Boost processing of colored fruit juices

We’ll help you extract the maximum amount of juice, color and antioxidants from your colored fruits and their skins with our Rapidase® and Klerzyme® enzymes.

The result: a vibrant, appetizing juice packed with antioxidants – that’s faster and more efficient to produce with a complete breakdown of pectin. Good for your customers, great for your profitability.

Get maximum juice from your apples & pears

If you want to get a 90% yield from your apples and pears, look no further than our Rapidase® enzyme. It’s highly effective and easy to use, the classical range is also suitable for producing 100% organic products- delivering a high processing speed during filtration.

The result: clean, clear apple & pear juice from concentrate that maintains its delicious and authentic taste. 

Boost yield of citrus juice

Getting maximum yield from your citrus fruits has never been easier – or more effective – thanks to Rapidase®. Ideal for all organic citrus processors, it improves juice yield by reducing viscosity in pulp, and capturing more oil yield by breaking the emulsion in ‘water-oil mixture’ to accelerating phase separation.

It even boosts recovery of valuable by-products – for example by creating organic natural cloudifier, a flavor enhancement!

Get more from your olive oil

Rapidase® functions as a processing aid and can improve your olive yields by up to 20%. It also boosts filtration performance and accelerates clarificatio

Suitable for most olive types, this natural, organic solution creates the same oil quality with more quantity. Simply add Rapidase® at the malaxation or decanting stage, with no extra processing steps needed.

Maximize processing capacity of your pineapple juice

By reducing viscosity and boosting filtration speed, Rapidase® Pineapple enables you to produce a clear juice while increasing production capacity and cost efficiency.

Rapidase® Pineapple is the best performing classical enzyme, with unique high Mannanase activity.  it is also a natural solution, suitable for organic products..

Specialty hydrocolloid solutions

Gellan, welan & pectin solutions

As a leading global supplier of specialty hydrocolloid solutions, we produce gellan gum, welan gum and pectin solutions that boost mouthfeel, stabilization and suspension performance in food and beverages, personal care, home care and other specialty industrial applications.

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