Gellan gum, naturally

Getting the mouthfeel just right

Our Gellaneer® gellan gum is a hydrocolloid derived from fermentation. It brings tailored functionalities to your products - from gelling and texturizing, to particle suspension and syneresis control; in applications like dairy, confectionery, plant-based products, beverages and pet food.

Gellaneer® gellan gum a more sustainable and label-friendly alternative to off-trend ingredients like carrageenan, gelatin and MCC. In fact, it’s an approved food additive in the US, EU, China and many other countries with “no specified” acceptable daily intake rating.

This product is especially good at suspending insoluble particles (like fruit pulp, fortifying minerals, grains, nuts and plant proteins) without imparting a heavy mouthfeel. It also offers you consistent and reliable stability and syneresis control – as well as cost-in-use benefits (you don’t need large amounts of this product to be effective).

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Gellaneer® LA (Low Acyl)

Ideal for water jellies, jams, fruit preparations and bakery fillings, this suspension agent delivers improved mouthfeel as well as gelled textures.

Gellaneer® HA (High Acyl)

For neutral plant-based dairy protein drinks, acidified milk drinks and yogurts, it delivers consistent and reliable stability, syneresis control and mouthfeel at very low use levels; while for plant-based meat alternatives it boosts water binding capacity to improve juiciness with a clean taste profile.

Gellaneer® HS

Our latest innovation tackles high-solid applications not traditionally treated with gellan gum. It’s ideal for bringing creaminess to custards, confectionery, spreads, and dysphagia food.

Gellaneer® ND-JY

An exceptional substitute for LBG, offering a complete replacement while improving the sensory experience, stability, and texture of plant-based dairy alternatives.

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