Rapidase™ for olive oil processing

Profit more by increasing olive oil yield

Enzymes for higher olive oil yield

Olives naturally contain up to 25% oil, and over the past two decades, olive oil production and consumption have been steadily increasing worldwide.​ So, improving the yield in the olive processing is of great value. Recently conducted field and pilot trials at renowned Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC) have shown that using enzymes can help to achieve this.​ Use the buttons below to view the technical papers describing the pilot plant trials and results for Arbequina and Hojiblanca olives.

We, at dsm-firmenich, have developed an easy-to-use calculator to demonstrate what the benefits of using enzymes from our Rapidase® portfolio can do for you. This calculator helps to estimate the yield increase and the potential savings. 

In just 5 minutes you can find out how our enzymatic solutions can positively impact your olive mill.

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*) The original report is available on request by using the “Contact us” button.

Published on

08 August 2023

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