Brewers Clarex®

Brewing enzyme for simplifying stabilization

Brewers Clarex® is easy to use and streamlines beer stabilization

Today’s brewer is under increasing pressure to maximize brewing capacity, speed up the brewing process, reduce waste and beer losses, improve consistency and do all of this whilst delivering the same high quality, stable, clear beer. An enzyme called Brewers Clarex® is helping brew masters all over the world to meet these targets and stay true to the craft. 

Brewers Clarex® is easy to use and streamlines stabilization by eliminating the deep cooling and rinsing step in the process, helping breweries save money, enhance efficiencies and remain at the forefront of innovation.

8 out of global top 10 brewers currently use Brewers Clarex® in their beer production. Brewers Clarex® is also a proven and widely used solution for gluten-free beer production.

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Lean brewing solution

Brewers Clarex® is a unique, patented enzyme that streamlines stabilization by avoiding the formation of haze and thus allowing you to skip the deep cooling step, shortening your stabilization time from days to minutes and reducing water and energy usage. Because Brewers Clarex® is applied easily as a liquid, there is no need for powder filtration aids (PVPP or Silica Gels), reducing the risk of oxygen introduction and supporting first time right results. Furthermore, it’s easy to apply to any brewing process, it needs no big investment and has no impact on beer (taste or foam) quality.

Brew gluten-free beer

Gluten-free beer was initially developed for people with celiac disease who want to enjoy beer. But with gluten-free one of the strongest growth drivers in the food and beverage industry today, beer producers are offering more gluten-free options for their consumers. One approach to make gluten-free beer is to make beer from cereals such as sorghum, rice or corn which don’t contain gluten. Alternatively, adding Brewers Clarex® at the start of the regular beer fermentation process breaks down the specific gluten protein that causes allergic reactions or adverse health affects. Brewers Clarex® allows brewers to easily create gluten-free beers using gluten-containing (barley) malt with no impact on taste or quality.

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