Biogarde® and Bioghurt®

Cultures for mild-tasting dairy

Biogarde® and Bioghurt® are the dairy brands consumers recommend

Now you can produce beautifully mild and creamy organic dairy, more simply than ever - with our Biogarde® and Bioghurt® culture set. 

More than 60 years after it was first introduced to Germany, Bioghurt® remains well-known among local consumers, enjoying a strong heritage and brand awareness and an association with organic, mild and creamy dairy.

Add these proven dairy cultures for consistent end-product quality that consumers love. Delicious! Or label your organic dairy and take advantage of the strong brand awareness of Biogarde® and  Bioghurt®.

Dairy as nature intended

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Dairy cultures suitable for organic dairy

As the trend for a milder, more subtle yogurt flavor continues to grow among health-conscious consumers, our Biogarde® and Bioghurt® cultures offer manufacturers a genuine competitive advantage. Take advantage of both recognized brands and label your organic dairy! Click here for the consumer website.

Not only do these dairy cultures deliver a wonderfully mild, clean and smooth flavor in organic dairy, but the latest Biogarde® and Bioghurt Direct-Vat Cultures (DVC) range can be added directly to the milk vat during processing, greatly improving your efficiency. 

What’s more, because of their low post-acidification profile, these cultures have excellent shelf life stability in organic dairy compared to traditional equivalents.

A proven dairy concept you can trust

While the trend for health & wellness may be relatively new, the science behind Biogarde® and Bioghurt is long-proven. Both are established yogurt brands in their own right across Northern Europe (especially in Germany and the Netherlands) and were created by the respected German scientist Joseph Schwaiger back in 1956.

More than 60 years later our team at DSM is continuing his great work in enabling you to produce healthier food for everyone.


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