Delvo®Plant Go

Step-up your oat-based drink production

For a more simple, sustainable and efficient oat-drink production process

Imagine that liquification and saccharification of oat-based dairy alternatives could be consolidated into a single-step hydrolysis – saving you valuable time and money while conserving energy. Here at DSM, we know that producing high-quality oat-based drinks in a competitive market isn’t an easy job; which is why our bright minds created Delvo®Plant Go. 

With Delvo®Plant Go you don’t need the usual multitude of components for the liquification and saccharification processing steps. As a result, we can help you achieve up to 30% reduction in hydrolysis time; and a shortening of the production process lead time from three to two hours: all with less heating time - and no cooling required.

Suitable for organic and VLOG products, this enzymatic solution improves efficiency and simplify the production process without compromising the delicious taste and texture of your products. It’s easy-to-use and is supported every step of the way by our plant-based experts. Enjoy it all. 

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Delvo®Plant for better taste and texture

Are you looking to fine-tune the taste, texture and sweetness of cereal- and starch-based dairy alternatives to cater for increasing consumer demand? Look no further than our original Delvo®Plant solutions.

What’s driving the plant-based revolution?

Check out our independently commissioned consumer insights report that highlights the key trends – including the growth of flexitarianism - and what this means for manufacturers. 

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