Taste solutions for plant-based cheese

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Delivering authentic dairy taste – without the dairy

Recreating the intense, complex and unique dairy cheese flavor that consumers love isn’t an easy job when it comes to plant-based alternatives. That’s why our experts build delicious plant-based cheese flavor step-by-step - via the same tried-and-tested process that we already use for dairy cheese.

Our new taste portfolio for plant-based cheese features dairy-type flavors and concentrates (via our recent acquisition of First Choice Ingredients) that help you move from salty and savory into lactic and dairy notes – all with a signature savory taste direction and umami flavor – and less salt needed in your formulation.

Specifically, we build taste complexity through a series of four steps – starting with masking agents that nullify off-notes from raw materials that can overpower traditional cheese flavors. Next, we add yeast extracts to build the basic savory foundation, followed by process flavors to impart typical lactic tones for a unique dairy taste profile. Finally, we use specific plant-based cheese top notes to round-out the robust, complex and dairy-like flavor you desire. Enjoy it all!

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Create authentic taste with plant-based dairy flavors

We’re leading the way in non-dairy flavors for plant-based cheese thanks to our recent acquisition of First Choice Ingredients. These vegan alternatives deliver an authentic dairy taste to any application…without the dairy. Enjoy it all.

Modulate taste with ModuMax®

Are you striving to mask undesired flavors like green and beany notes in your plant-based cheese. Look no further than ModuMax® - our natural (and award-winning) taste modulation solution.

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