For rich taste with a lingering impact

Boost overall flavor and intensify salty, meaty and umami taste

Yeast extracts are proven and well-known ingredients that deliver delicious taste, whether it's a recipe for potato chips, cheese snacks, bouillons or noodle soups. These all-natural ingredients are derived from fresh yeast (the same type of yeast used in bread, wine and beer).

Our Maxarome® range of specialty yeast extracts include taste-building components that enrich overall flavor and intensify salty, meaty and umami taste – to meet whatever taste profile you need.

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The Maxarome® product range

Maxarome® Plus

High in naturally occuring 5’-GMP and 5’-IMP; great for rich taste perception, slightly meaty and brothy flavor.

Maxarome® Premium

Extremely rich in both natural 5’-GMP and 5’-IMP and rich taste perception - including umami and salt. Rounds-off sharp flavor peaks and masks undesirable flavors.

Maxarome® Select & Maxarome® Pure

Delivers rich taste with a lingering impact. Very high in natural 5’-GMP and 5’-IMP. Also supports taste perception including umami and salt, while rounding-off sharp flavor peaks and masking undesirable flavors.


DSM’s specialty yeast extracts for rich taste with a lingering impact

While yeast extracts have traditionally been used for their meaty bouillon taste, our technological experts have succeeded in producing specialty yeast extracts with a rich taste and lingering impact. Hence, more customers than ever are choosing our solutions.  

Maxarome® the natural touch for culinary taste

Maxarome® Select and Maxarome® Pure are specialty baker’s yeast extracts featuring rich-tasting nucleotides while delivering a neutral taste of their own. Ideal for milder culinary products.

Maxarome® Pure is our cleanest solution for creating rich taste with a lingering impact. In fact, it offers the highest level of nucleotides available on the market today, enabling you to:

  1. Create more authentic flavor profiles.
  2. Reduce levels of less label-friendly ingredients, like salt, MSG and IMP/GMP.
  3. Reduce the use of expensive ingredients like beef, chicken, cheese, or tomato powder.
    Maxarome® Select and Maxarome® Pure also work in synergy with our own Gistex® HUM LS. It’s rich in natural free glutamate and – when combined with our high nucleotide products - is ideal for salt and MSG reduction. 

Maxarome® Select & Maxarome® Pure, ideal tools for culinary taste creation

Many savory applications deliver a formulated taste experience. Maxarome® provides a tool-box for product developers to create better tasting culinary products.

1. Harmony / Authenticity
Maxarome® Select & Pure bring harmony and balance to the individual ingredients, mask off-tastes and give your product a more authentic and fresh flavor.

2. Umami contribution
Maxarome® Select & Pure give foods a genuine umami taste sensation, enhancing mouth feel, creaminess and body.

3. Stronger taste
Maxarome® Select & Pure give culinary applications more strength, which means faster, stronger and longer lasting taste impressions.

Maxarome® Select for burgers & crisps
Adding just 0.1% Maxarome® Select creates a significantly more authentic taste profile, with greater succulence and mouthfeel. Meanwhile, in cheese & onion crisps, it creates richer taste with a lingering impact (compared to control - no added MSG).

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