Delve into the future of Swiss cheese

The global Swiss cheese market is booming and demand is high. Increasingly popular with consumers, Swiss cheese is favored for its versatility and convenience, as well as its savory yet mild taste, distinct appearance and texture.

Although taste remains the key driver for innovation, consumers’ increasingly busy lifestyles are paving the way for more processed cheese options which can be eaten on the go. It is now more important than ever to keep ahead of the curve with new solutions that will set products apart from the competition.

Delvo®Cheese SW-250

A specific culture primarily dedicated to manufacturing mature firm-textured Emmental-type cheeses, Delvo®Cheese SW-250 answers consumer demand for tasty, ready-to-use Swiss cheese. It guarantees consistent end quality, sensory profile – delivering excellent flavor, texture and signature eye formation – and allows for efficient production as it reduces ripening time.

Delvo®Cheese SW-250 has been intensively tested in sensory trials, where results have shown pronounced Swiss notes and slightly acid, balanced and isovaleric notes. With our technical support and complete range of innovative solutions, you can also answer consumer demands for tasty, convenient Swiss cheese and gain full control over production efficiency, end-product sensory profile and eye formation. A sensory panel and a broad spectrum of analytical tools is also available to define specific flavor profiling.

DSM Solution

DSM’s Delvo®Cheese SW for Swiss cheese is a complete solution of enzymes, cultures, coagulants, and propioni bacteria. 

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Published on

30 September 2018