Six hot trends to watch for lactose-free dairy

Lactose-free dairy is a popular choice because of its perceived health benefits. Greater diversity of lactose-free options, added health benefits, liaising with healthcare professionals and more – all will become huge in the years to come.

Based on the latest report from DSM’s Global Insights Series on Lactose-Free Dairy, along with major global trends in food and drink and insights from experts in the field, we predict that six trends will impact the lactose-free dairy market and we highlight how dairy producers can capitalize on them.

A dynamic market with diverse options

Lactose-free dairy with added health benefits such as fiber is the option of the future 

Healthcare professionals to play a greater role in awareness of lactose-free dairy 

Lactose-free dairy options for cafés, restaurants and fast food outlets will take center stage.

Given the opportunity, how can manufacturers unlock the potential of lactose-free in less established dairy markets? This DSM Global Insight Series report aims to answer these questions by reviewing consumer feedback from over 3,000 lactose-free dairy users living in Finland, China and Colombia – representing both mature and emerging markets from three key dairy markets -China, Colombia and Finland.

DSM Solution

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Published on

17 February 2019