More is more: Consumers seeking diversity through plant-based diets

As many of us kick off a new year after a welcome period of festive fun, relaxation, and possibly a little excess, it’s time to think about the year ahead – starting with January. Or should that be Veganuary?

Record numbers of consumers have pledged to cut animal products from their diets this month as part of the Veganuary campaign. And, just last week, a new report was published in the Lancet which suggests we could all do with a little more vegetables, nuts, and legumes in our diet for our own health—and that of the planet.

Personally, I try to not to eat too much meat and include lots of vegetables in my diet on a consistent basis. I’m also lactose-intolerant, so I’m always keeping an eye out for lactose-free and dairy-free options, and ways to make up for the missed calcium my diet. It’s seems I’m not alone.

It’s increasingly clear that more plant-based diets, such as flexitarianism, aren’t just a fad—this way of eating could be about to go mainstream. As consumers become more interested in the role their food choices have in their own health and that of the planet, diets which contain more plant foods have emerged to contribute on both fronts. But what does this trend mean for the food industry at large?

At DSM, we’re set to launch a consumer insights report at the end of January to help answer some of the burning questions around this topic.

  • What exactly defines a plant-based diet these days?
  • Why are people changing their consumption of animal products and what are they eating instead?
  • What role does health, taste, texture, and sustainability play in the choice of meat and dairy alternatives; and how and why is this surprising?
  • How is this trend set to grow – and what does it mean for the food industry?

People who are motivated to try a more plant-based diet are keen on choice, and we believe we will continue to see consumers choose from an increasing diversity of both plant- and animal-based products that contribute to healthier, more sustainable diets.

It’s clear that as we enter 2019, times are changing fast. At DSM Food Specialties our purpose is to create healthy diets for all. So, if you share that goal and would like to learn more about this fascinating trend, check back next week to receive a copy of the full plant-based consumer insights report.

You may be as surprised as us by some of the findings.

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Published on

03 September 2019