Fruit preparation solutions

Create innovative fruit product concepts that combine indulgence and health

Enhance mouthfeel and natural fruit appearance with Rapidase® & Gellaneer®

Presence of fruit and vegetable pieces in food products like dairy, baked goods and confectionary products conveys the sensation of authenticity & indulgence. Consumers prefer this authentic look and texture, in which individual ingredients can be clearly recognized.

Moreover, health-conscious consumers want delicious and innovative fruit products  that are also low in sugar.

That’s why we'd like you to meet our portfolio of fruit preparation solutions – proven for a wide range of applications, from milk to yogurt and fruit pieces. Together with our fruit firming enzymes, hydrocolloids (Gellan Gum and Pectin), sugar-reduction solutions, vitamins and minerals – DSM’s fruit preparation solutions can help you create more appealing, tastier and healthier fruit products in a more efficient way.

Aside from this,  working with us guarantees in-depth and global expert services. Our highly experienced technical team is ideally placed to help you develop new process, product and applications in a fast and forward-thinking way.

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Enzymatic Firming Solutions to protect quality and appearance of processed fruits

When creating exciting and innovative fruit product concepts that combine indulgence and health, fruit and vegetable pieces can lose their firm texture and appearance. DSM’s Rapidase® PEP and Rapidase® FP Super help overcome this by ensuring fruit and vegetable pieces are kept firm and appealing, even after mechanical and thermal treatment, improving the overall sensory experience of the products

Specialty hydrocolloid solutions to boost mouthfeel and texture

Our gellan gum and pectin are used in jams & jellies, yogurt fruit preparations, bake-stable fillings and spread - meeting a wide range of needs from bake stability, to delivering texture and mouthfeel in reduced sugar or fat applications.

Both gellan gum and pectin can be used to replace animal-derived gelatin in confectionery products also.

EVERSWEET™ Stevia Sweetener for reducing sugar

Fruit preparations typically require significant sugar amounts which can compromise the nutritional aspect of end products. Delivering the products and brands that consumers love, with significantly reduced calories, is no easy task. EVERSWEET™ is a non-artificial, zero-calorie sweetener with a next generation clean taste profile and sugar-like sweetness. It is well suited for use in products such as yogurt, cereals, bars, and confections, enabling up to 100% sugar reduction, depending on the application.

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