The healthy gelling agent

Improve texture, appearance (and taste) in food and beverages

This water-soluble fiber extracted from plants, apple pomace and citrus peels, has a very healthy image in the food industry. This in turn makes it ideal for use as a gelling agent in jams and jellies – as well as other applications like dairy, confectionery, beverages and health supplements.

As the largest producer of apple pectin in the world (and one of the leading pectin players worldwide) we offer you all major types and grades of pectin products. In general, pectins from apples and oranges have similar functionalities in food applications, albeit with subtle differences in texture, taste and appearance.

This is where you can rely on our expert application team to support you through the entire process of choosing the right type and grade of pectin (depending on your formulation requirements and product characteristics) – to create the ideal taste, texture and appearance.

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HM Pectin

You can use our High Methoxyl (HM) pectin to boost mouthfeel in yogurt and yogurt drinks, jams and jellies, confectionery, vitamin gummies, and beverages.

LM Pectin

Our Low Methoxyl (LM) pectin is ideal for creating bake-stable fruit fillings, yogurt fruit preparations, fruit spreads, and low-sugar jams.

LMA pectin

Low Methoxyl Amidated (LMA) pectin from DSM helps create delicious yogurt fruit preparations and glazing; fruit spread and low-sugar jams; and yogurts and confectionery with better texture.

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