Fish alternatives

Authentic, delicious and nutritious!

Better taste, texture, health and color: enjoy it all!

How can you manufacture succulent plant-based fish alternatives products that deliver on texture, nutrition, sustainability - and above all, fantastic taste? Our experts will work with you to find a solution, using ingredients that deliver the authentic, clean seafood experience that health-conscious consumers love. Enjoy it all. 

Our Meat & Fish Alternatives experts are always ready to help you

It all starts with taste. Using ingredients like our unique Maxavor® Fish YE, you can bring a variety of rich, middle-block fish flavors to your plant-based products in a natural way. Then, you can complement this by adding authentic fish juiciness and mouthfeel with hydrocolloids like our GELLANEER® gellan gum.

Of course, plant-based foods also need to be healthy and nutritious – which is why we also offer solutions that fortify your plant-based fish alternatives with everything from omega-3 fatty acids to ready-to-go blends of vitamins and minerals. You can even benefit from natural coloration solutions that make your product look good while further boosting its nutritional profile. 

Fill the nutritional gap of omega-3 in consumers diets with life’s™OMEGA

Food producers in EU looking to improve the nutritional profile of their plant-based products can now benefit from vegan DSM’s life’s™OMEGA which has been approved by the European Commission for use in fish and meat alternatives. It delivers the same benefits as EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids from fish but is vegetarian & more sustainable. This omega-3 solution helps producers take the next step in improving the nutritional profile of plant-based meat and fish alternatives, enabling the creation of next generation applications like vegan salmon burgers or tuna salads.

Product range

Maxavor® Fish YE

New middle block fish flavors that are natural, vegan and allergen-free.


Gellan gum that delivers all-important texture in plant-based fish alternatives.


An algae-derived (vegan and vegetarian) source of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids. 

Vitamin and mineral premixes

Ready-to-go blends of vitamins and minerals. Ideal to close the nutritional gap of your plant-based fish products.

Redivivo® Lycopene & Canthaxanthin

Natural coloration solutions that provide an authentic look and feel with added nutrients.


DSM’s portfolio of integrated solutions for fish alternatives

Deliver authentic taste

From rich, oily dark fish to light, fleshy white fish, we’ll bring authentic flavor and mouthfeel to your plant-based products – with Maxavor® Fish YE. Natural, vegan and allergen-free, it’s unique in the marketplace.


Improve texture

Now you can bring a juicy mouthfeel to plant-based fish alternatives – with our GELLANEER™ gellan gum hydrocolloids. These natural ingredients boost water-binding capacity to create an appetizing texture with a clean taste profile.


Boost nutrition

Fortify your fish alternatives with all the benefits of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids, but without the fish by using life’sTMOMEGAwhich is derived from algae. You can even take fortification a step further by using our ready-to-go vitamin and mineral premixes to fill the nutritional gap of your plant-based products.

Add color

We offer a whole family of natural coloration solutions (carotenoids) that not only give your product a vibrant and appetizing look and feel; but can also bring added health benefits.


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