Bridge2Food Europe 2024

November 15-16, 2023

Are you attending Plant-Based World Expo Europe in November? If so, why not join us at Booth J30 to learn more about how our integrated solutions and expertise can help solve all your plant-based challenges. At dsm-firmenich we believe in a joined-up approach to product development in dairy, meat & fish alternatives. So, let’s create standout products together!

Welcome to our integrated solutions for plant-based alternatives

Not only do we have the industry’s broadest portfolio of natural ingredients & solutions. We also have the expertise to help you get the very most from them – and create differentiated plant-based products that consumers want to buy.

Delicious dairy alternatives

From plant-based drinks and fermented products to non-dairy cheese, cream cheese and ice cream, we’ll help you deliver delicious dairy-like flavor – along with customized, smooth texture. Our fortification solutions will also boost the nutritional value of your products with additional vitamins, proteins and probiotics. 

Marvelous meat & fish alternatives

Recreating the unmistakable flavor and mouthfeel of real meat and fish isn’t an easy job, but we can help you achieve authenticity in everything from plant-based burgers and sausages to the delicate flavor of crab meat and salmon in your seafood alternatives. Our experts can also help you bridge the nutrition gap – for example through fortification with omega-3 fatty acids.

Pioneering plant-based proteins

If you want to meet consumer demand for delicious, nutritious and sustainable plant-based protein then look no further than our non-GMO and allergen-free Vertis™ TVP textured vegetable proteins and Vertis™ CanoloaPRO® plant-based protein isolate. These unique ingredients are ideal for a huge variety of dairy, meat & fish alternatives – with a lower impact on the planet.


Our SmartProteins® are designed to enrich the total eating experience in plant-based products - from great taste and aroma to nutrition and functionality. Whether in vegetarian meat analogs or vegan cheese and seafood alternatives, they address key challenges such as off notes, bitterness, and perceived dryness.

Meet us at booth J30,
ExCeL London, UK

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