Solutions for plant-based drinks

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Delicious and nutritious

As the market for plant-based drinks continues to soar[1], so too do the demands of health-conscious consumers. As a manufacturer, you need to deliver products that taste right; with the smooth, creamy texture of traditional dairy; and all with good nutrition. With our proven solutions for plant-based drinks we’ll support you in achieving all this and more – in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Our experts can help you fine-tune taste and texture using our plant-based portfolio - in everything from oat-based drinks, to plant-based drinks uniquely formulated to complement coffee, to ready-to-mix/ready-to-drink beverages. Then, we can work with you to bridge the nutrition gap between alternative and traditional dairy through our range of high-quality vitamins, sustainable Omega-3, plant-based proteins and probiotics.

What’s more, you can achieve all this in a more profitable and sustainable way. ​For example, in oat-based drinks our Delvo®Plant Go solution enables production savings in time, energy and water, all without impacting the taste or texture of the final application. We’ll drink to that!

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Plant-based drinks solutions

Solutions for Barista applications

We’ll help you overcome some of the key challenges faced in creating plant-based drinks that complement coffee. Our solutions can improve both visual appearance and stability; while achieving the ideal foam level and bubble size - without compromising on taste.

Solutions for oat-based drinks

Are you striving to create deliciously smooth oat-based drinks – more efficiently and sustainably?  With our unique enzyme-based solution you can achieve a single-step hydrolysis that’s 30% faster - and with less heating and cooling time needed. Simpler, more sustainable production of oat-based drinks is now ready to go!

Solutions for ready-to-mix protein powders

Looking to produce a creamy, smooth protein drink for high performance or weight management that’s comparable to whey? We’ve got you covered. 

Solutions for ready-to-drink protein alternatives

If you want to create a plant-based protein drink that tastes great without the lumps, grittiness and aftertaste that consumers have come to expect…look no further than our unique, canola-derived protein: Vertis™ CanolaPRO®. Delicious, nutritious and sustainable.  

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