The Delvo®Phage test kit

For quantification in one hour

This unique qPCR test delivers the fastest results in the market - boosting your product yield and profitability

Phages are everywhere – and they can cause serious economic losses. Did you know that just one week of downgraded cheese production can cause losses of up to €200k?

Our Delvo®Phage test kit solves this problem by enabling a more consistent cheese production process that increases your production capacity and improves quality cheese yield - while reducing product downgrades and waste.

Ideal for cheese and fermented milk products like yogurt and quark, it can test for all cultures used in your production process– delivering results ‘on the spot’ at several steps in the cheese production process.

In fact, the Delvo®Phage test kit can boost your value in production by 5-10%.

It's all part of broader phage management solution from DSM that includes our innovative, Delvo®Analytics digital platform that connects your dairy operations directly to our experts for trusted whey testing and advice on culture rotations and hygiene, available 24-7.

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