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How can you maintain a delicious clean, taste and consistent texture in white brined cheese like Feta – all while maximizing shelf life and minimizing food waste? It’s not easy, but now our experts will help you achieve it with our family of cultures, coagulants, lipases and bioprotective cultures.

It all starts with taste – where our Delvo®Cheese cultures and enzymes bring delicious flavor to your cheese, from mild and clean to pungent and acidic. Furthermore, these cultures can deliver a texture from creamy, to compact, to crumbly. This can be achieved with consistent pH and no post-acidification, while these cultures also reduce bitterness – and can even help to improve texture.

You can also choose our Delvo®Guard bioprotective cultures to extend the shelf life of white brined cheese by up to 30% with no impact on taste or texture. We recently added two new cultures to this family that help you balance shelf life against yeast and mold – retaining the same taste and texture even more effectively.

And if you want to achieve even more consistent production, you can use our phage- robust cultures; and even complement this with our coagulants for improved production consistency. Meanwhile, our Accelerzyme® CPG enzyme avoids bitter notes in your white brined cheese. Ultimately? We know that producing a winning white brined cheese is a balancing act – but with our total solution you really can enjoy it all.

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White brined Cheese portfolio

Delvo® Cheese starter cultures

If you’re striving to create a truly differentiated white brined cheese, look no further. This proven solution helps you build layers of subtle flavor and texture – so that consumers can enjoy it all. It’s ideal for all white cheese - from creamy, to compact, to crumbly.


Delvo® Guard bioprotective cultures

We recently added two new cultures here to help you balance shelf life against yeast and mold - retaining the same taste and texture - even more effectively. Whether you want great bioprotective properties that extend shelf life to the max; or lower post-acidification with greater control of flavor…it’s your choice.

Maxiren® coagulants

With high specificity and low proteolysis, these fermentation-produced chymosin coagulants enable you to bring greater efficiency to white brined cheese production. Now you can boost yield in a more sustainable way with this proven vegan ingredient.


For balanced ripening and debittering.  This unique enzyme causes the small peptides and amino acids in milk to release faster and in a balanced way during the ripening process - converting these to flavor components together with the added cheese cultures.

Capalase Micro R800

This microbial lipase (source: Rhizopus oryzae) enables faster release of cheese-ripening flavors – giving your white brined cheese a deliciously sharp, piquant taste that consumers will love.


The gold standard in antibiotic residue testing.

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