The Plant Power Toolkit

Power-up your plant-based fermented products

Achieve the taste, texture and health consumers desire

At DSM, we know that creating winning plant-based fermented products that meet both consumers and your business needs is not an easy job. Which is why our experts have created The Plant Power Toolkit. With these unique solutions we’ll help you build the taste, texture and health you want in all your plant-based fermented products and improve your speed-to-market by reducing complexity in product development. Enjoy it all.

Our Plant Power toolkit brings all you need to improve and fine-tune the taste, texture and health of plant-based fermented products, satisfying demanding consumers and creating winning products.

It starts with creating the optimal base for fermentation with Delvo®Plant enzymes. DSM new Delvo®Plant cultures allow achieving the desired mildness and freshness, as well as building texture and smoothness, in diverse substrates. Our Hydrocolloids, Gellaneer® gellan gums and pectins can contribute further to fine-tune the mouthfeel, creaminess and shine. 

Improving the nutritional value and closing the nutrition gap between traditional and plant-based fermented products while differentiating products with innovative health positioning is also possible with the DSM Nutritional Solutions as vitamins, proteins and more - all specially designed for plant-based fermented products. Every step, you’ll be supported by DSM expertise and technical support, increasing your speed and efficiency. It’s time for plant power!

With ready-to-use concepts, we can support you in achieving success in different substrates:

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Create the optimal base with Delvo®Plant enzymes

Are you looking to unlock natural sweetness and fine-tune the sugar profile of your plant-based fermented product? Look no further than our Delvo®Plant family of enzymes – ideal for balancing taste and boosting texture. 

Get the texture right with gellan gum and pectins

With our Gellaneer® gellan gum and PECTNERTM pectins you can improve mouthfeel, creaminess and shininess? in your plant-based fermented products.. 

Deliver a nutrition/fortification boost with nutritional premixes and proteins to fill the nutritional gap between traditional dairy and plant-based fermented products.

Striving to bridge the nutrient gap with your plant-based fermented products or differentiate your products via innovative health concepts? Allow our experts to help, using  DSM nutritional solutions.

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