Consumers opt for low-sugar yogurt but prefer sugar-free soft drinks

A 2015 DSM survey conducted among 5000 adults across five countries show that almost two-thirds of consumers are concerned about excess sugar. But the way respondents say they opt to reduce their intake of sweetened products varies dramatically, having far-reaching implications for future product development.

The survey data suggest that consumers seeking to limit sugar intake do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to purchasing decisions for the different foods and beverages they consume. More than twice as many (41% vs 20%) have opted for a sugar-free carbonated soft drink versus a sugar-free juice and, while 40% have chosen a low-sugar yogurt, just 20% have opted for a sugar-free version of the flavored yogurt.

Understanding what drives this aspect of different decision making per category may hold promise for manufacturers launching products that offer no-sugar options in low-sugar strongholds and vice versa. Download our report to find out what is going on in consumers’ minds when they scan the shelves for a sweet product without the calories.

Food Fact

The number 1 reason consumers are cutting back on sugar intake? According to our survey, it's to maintain or lose weight (49% of respondents).

DSM Solution

DSM's Maxilact® can enable dairy producers to reduce sugar in their flavored dairy products by up to 50%.

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Published on

09 May 2019