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Wake up to great coffee moments with plant-based alternatives to milk

Developing a plant-based alternative to milk for barista applications can be a challenging task – at least, it can if you don’t have dsm-firmenich’s Barista toolbox. Containing multiple ingredient solutions, our toolbox is targeted at overcoming some of the main challenges manufacturers face, such as improving the visual appearance and stability of products when mixed with coffee or achieving the ideal foam level, stability, and bubble size without any compromise on taste.

dsm-firmenich’s technical expertise and full range of diversified solutions – including enzymes, superior hydrocolloids, flavors, nutritional premixes, and much more – will help you take the next steps to achieving the ideal barista products your consumers are looking for.

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Diversified solutions to create plant-based formulations for barista use

Enzymatic solutions for Barista applications

Not only create the desired mouthfeel and sweetness that coffee-loving consumers want in oat-based alternatives to milk. Delvo® Plant enzymes can also improve other aspects such as increase solubility and optimize coffee pH stability in other bases.

Texturizing solutions for Barista applications

Increase the mouthfeel and enhance foaming properties of barista products.

Nutritional and functional premixes for Barista

Now you can not only fortify your alternative to milk products with vitamins and minerals, but also create functional premixes to improve several properties required for Barista products.

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