Extend your shelf life

Avoiding food waste, naturally

Consumers are increasingly searching out foods with natural ingredients, that stay fresher for longer – and avoid unnecessary food waste. Our family of biopreservatives help you meet that need by replacing artificial preservatives and extending shelf life across a wide range of applications, including dairy, baked goods and beverages.  

These days, consumers are not just checking food labels for ingredients. According to the Food & Health Survey 2016, more than 70% of consumers check expiry dates in the supermarket. It means that avoiding spoilage is even more important than ever – and that’s what we’ll help you achieve with our family of biopreservatives, based on decades of microbiology and fermentation expertise.

In fact, here at DSM in Food & Beverage you get more than an ingredients supplier. You get a solutions provider, and a reliable partner – with application experts around the globe that understand your business needs and are here to help you solve them, wherever you are.

Delvo®Cid: the natural preservative

This natamycin-based biopreservative will protect all kinds of products from yeast and mold – from bread, buns, tortillas and cakes to dairy products and beverages. What’s more, it’s s colorless, odorless and tasteless.

Delvo®Guard protective cultures for cheese

Our Delvo®Guard clean-label, protective cultures are ideal for preventing yeast & mold growth in dairy products and ‘on the go’ snacks; extending shelf life without sacrificing taste or texture.

Prevent late blowing with Delvo®Zyme

The active component in this ingredient – called Lysozyme - is proven to inhibit unwanted Clostridia species in cheese and prevent late blowing, all with no effect on taste.

Dairy Safe™ assured bioprotection for cheese

Now it really is possible to have an all-in-one solution for your cheese that delivers acidification, bioprotection and improved flavor. Our proven Dairy Safe™ cultures enable you to avoid the expense of spoilage like late blowing, for total peace of mind.

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