A total solution for energy drinks? Now that’s worth getting energized about

How are your energy levels today? Recent research found that consumers worldwide are increasingly concerned about their personal health - including a lack of energy1

The same research concluded that one-third of consumers tackle their low energy levels by taking on additional nutrition. And of course, this includes the burgeoning energy drinks segment. 

The global energy drinks market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8% over the next decade, reaching $108 billion by 20312. So, if you manufacture energy drinks (or are considering doing so), how can you get a stand-out product onto the world’s shelves as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet the needs of energy-sapped consumers everywhere? Just some of the key challenges (and opportunities) here include: 

Playing with taste & texture

High sugar in energy drinks is an increasing concern for consumers, driving them to seek drinks that have sugar-free/no calories options3 – with 23.7% of the recently launched energy drinks having the claim ‘sugar free’. 

Getting the color right

When consumers investigate the coloration of drinks, about 80% of them focus on whether that colorant is natural or artificial. Not surprisingly, products containing a natural colorant show significantly higher purchase intent than those with artificial colorants5.

Adding nutrition

More than 40% of consumers are aware of the importance of vitamins in their diet1 and 31% of energy drink consumers would be motivated to buy an energy drink that promotes brain health4. In fact, more than 50% of the energy drink launches between 2019 and 20213 were vitamin or mineral fortified - with a brain & nervous system claim being the most prominent.

So, clearly, there is a real opportunity to meet multiple consumer demands – in taste, texture, nutrition – and color. The ideal solution for manufacturers? One trusted partner, able to solve them via a comprehensive solution: for example, by developing entire innovative energy drink concepts geared precisely to specific consumer needs. Which is precisely where DSM can help. 

A proven partner in energy drinks

At DSM our unparalleled ingredients, expertise and solutions enable you to create energy drinks that are healthier (in content and appearance); and that taste great with enhanced mouthfeel. Not only that, but we can support you in achieving this more effectively (and profitably)

For example, our customers can count on global and local expertise in everything from formulation to marketing support in order to create the perfect recipe. Every day, we work with them to develop entire energy drink concepts – with our scientists translating the science into clear health benefit solutions for consumers.

Importantly, we can help you do achieve all this smarter and at speed, no matter where in the world you are – thanks to our global reach and unique heritage in nutrition. 

Bringing you the perfect blend

One smart way to meet future demand for higher nutrition is to use our long-established, customized premix blends of vitamins and nutrients to boost your energy drinks. As one of the world’s largest and longest-established vitamin producers, we have the expertise, experience and global footprint you need to get innovative products to market faster. For example, our nutritional premix formulation solutions work seamlessly with your production operation, thus streamlining your product development. Our experts can even advise on all-important regulatory affairs for different regions. 

Less sugar, more taste (and texture!)

A solution we offer to meet “sugar free” claims to meet consumer needs is our EVERSWEET™ - a fermented, non-artificial, zero-calorie sweetener without an aftertaste (EVERSWEET™ is produced by Avansya, a Joint Venture of DSM and Cargill). You can even boost the sensory experience further by using our natural ingredients like biogums - which boost texture in energy drinks; and then give your product a healthy, vibrant orange color using our CaroCare® - naturally fermented β-Carotene, free of FD&C Azo Dyes. 

As you can see, there’s a lot to be energized about in the energy drink space; and it really is possible to enjoy it all. So, if you want to work with a proven and experienced strategic partner with worldwide reach, and who shares your ambition to create differentiated, trendsetting energy drinks – we would love to hear from you. 


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Published on
31 March 2022