Plant-based meat alternatives

A complete portfolio for meat-free products

The market for plant-based meat alternatives is booming as a result of their perceived, naturally healthy and sustainable appeal or just because we want to try something new. Consumers increasingly search for meat alternatives alongside traditional meat products.

Giving plant-based meat alternatives the right appeal is challenging

Crafting a winning recipe for various plant-based meat products is complex when it comes to taste, texture, mouthfeel and nutritional value. Moreover, for health-conscious consumers who want to include plant-based meat alternatives as part of a healthy and nutritious diet, the fact that unfortified meat alternatives are typically lower in nutritional value and higher in sodium content than traditional meat could prove a stumbling block.

Our Meat & Fish Alternatives experts are always ready to help you

Want to improve the taste, texture and nutritional value of your meat alternatives?

DSM offers a wide portfolio of integrated solutions to combat these challenges. Our solutions improve the taste, texture and nutritional value of your meat alternatives all while managing sodium levels. And it’s fully supported by our global team of plant-based experts with industry expertise and insights and rigorous nutrition science, to help you get the balance just right. In fact, wherever you are, you can count on a local DSM technical and application team to help you get the very most from meat-free ingredients – and ensure you get to market faster.

Product range

Maxarome® Select & Maxarome® Pure

Rich in nucleotides & mask undesirable flavors like green and beany notes of plant-based proteins.


Deliver juiciness and fattiness. 

Maxavor® Keys

Concentrated flavors with low salt levels

Maxavor® Flavors

Authentic meaty taste, tunable levels of intensity and roastedness


Gellan Gum enhances water binding capacity to improve juiciness while ensuring clean taste.

Quali® vitamins

Our family of vitamins, minerals and premix solutions can pack more nutrients into meat alternative products.

Vitamin and mineral premixes

Ready-to-go blends of vitamins and minerals. Ideal to close the nutritional gap of your plant-based meat products.

DSM’s portfolio of integrated solutions for meat alternatives

Deliver Authentic Taste

For great, authentic taste with a meaty umami flavor and no off-notes, try our Maxarome® yeast extracts and Maxavor® family of natural process flavors


Adapt texture & mouthfeel

If you want a juicy mouthfeel with a satisfying texture, our Multirome® yeast extract and Gellaneer® Gellan Gum can create the satisfying feel of meat – without the meat.

Improve Nutritional Profile

We can even pack more nutrients and protein into your meat alternatives with our Quali® Vitamins, DSM Premix Solutions and algal lipids like life’sDHA® and life’s™OMEGA.

 Manage Sodium

Manage sodium levels in your plant-based meat alternatives with Maxavor® RYE LS.



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