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Meeting increased consumer demand for fun and indulgent food that’s also good for them and the planet is not an easy job – especially in sauces, dips and spreads. But here at dsm-firmenich, we’re showing that it really is possible: in everything from burger and BBQ sauces, to mayonnaise and salad dressings.

It starts with the broadest portfolio of natural ingredients in the industry, designed to help you build taste and texture in a healthier and more sustainable way – for example in the growing plant-based segment. From natural savory and dairy-type flavors; to nature-identical colorants that bring authentic appearance with added health benefits; to innovative plant proteins; to nutrient fortification solutions that seamlessly pack more vitamins and minerals into your products...we’re here to help you be a force for goodness.

But we also have unparalleled expertise in how to help you get the very most from these ingredients. Our team has co-developed thousands of winning recipes with our customers over the years and can support you with nutritional science; regulatory matters; label claims; and increased processing efficiency. So why not rewrite the recipe book together?

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Why not join us in taking every opportunity we can to make the world - and our food - a little better.

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Meet these three new concepts for sauces, dips & spreads


It’s creamy, it’s tasty it’s attractive – and it’s nutritious. In fact, it’s a concept fit for a king!

Read more & download full recipe 


Packed with vitamins & minerals, this convenient pasta sauce concept helps busy parents fill the nutrition gap.

Read more & download full recipe


Made with our Canola proteins, this authentically cheesy dip concept is perfect for guilt-free indulgence.

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Maxavor®Gourmet Mirepoix

Maxavor®Gourmet Mirepoix - created by using our unique (patented) technology- is a powerful, full body, vegetable taste elevation ingredient, based on plain vegetable ingredients (carrot, onion and lovage; called ‘mirepoix’ in French cuisine) and can also be clean labelled as such. Our Mirepoix is allergen-free, vegan, natural, Kosher and Halal.

Vertis™ Faba protein

Our canola, pea and faba-based TVPs simulate the texture of meat and fish in a sustainable way and come in a range of different sizes and formats to suit a broad range of applications – including beef, pork, chicken, and fish.

VERTIS™ Textured vegetable proteins | DSM Food & Beverage

ModuMax® natural flavor modulator

Ideal for improving taste and masking undesirable off-notes in plant-based products that contain added nutrition and higher protein content. Not only is ModuMax® proven; it’s also a natural solution. 

ModuMax® | DSM Food & Beverage


These natural process flavors cover many cooking styles and taste directions. While varying in intensity and complexity, every one gives you outstanding quality and consistency - for food that tastes true with recognizable profiles.

Maxavor® | DSM Food & Beverage

Nutritional premixes

Our experts can help you identify, assemble and incorporate the right nutrients into your products, with custom nutrient premixes and high-quality blends of functional ingredients.

Premixes | DSM Food & Beverage

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