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Meatless magnificence!

People increasingly want their meat and fish alternative products to have convincing taste and texture, while also being nutritious and having a reduced carbon footprint. But plants just don’t taste like meat or fish (or have the same nutritional benefits) - unless you work with the DSM team.

With our in-depth market and consumer understanding, we support you with everything from product development and nutritional science, to advice on regulations and front-of-pack claims.

Combined with our broad portfolio, science-enabled solutions and molecular expertise, we work with you to create tasty, nutritious and sustainable signature products. For example, Maxavor® is our range of taste solutions that deliver convincing meat and fish flavor; while our hydrocolloids add juiciness and mouthfeel, without the fat. And when it comes to adding a nutrition boost look no further than CanolaPRO®: our nutritious, sustainable plant-derived protein isolate with excellent functional properties.

Together, we’ll help you create the best possible sustainable meat and fish alternatives without having to choose between taste, texture and health. You can enjoy it all.

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Meat & Fish Alternatives applications

Meat-based alternatives

Crafting a winning recipe for plant-based meat products is complex when it comes to taste, texture, mouthfeel and nutritional value. Which is where our solutions and experts come in.

Fish-based alternatives

Today’s more sophisticated and discerning consumers are searching for authentic vegan seafood products that check all the right boxes. Our middle block fish flavors and omega-3 fatty acids can bring a variety of rich flavors and fill the nutritional gap in your plant-based fish products.

Our Meat & Fish Alternatives Ingredients


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Meat & Fish Alternatives insights

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