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For many people – including me – the past year has highlighted the importance of food for nourishment and comfort, the value of our health and well-being, and the interconnectedness of our global food supply. The issues we now face as an industry and as a society seem more tightly linked than ever. How do we move forward in this new year? With agile solutions and bold innovations that inspire both customers and consumers.

A changing industry where taste still rules

The Food & Beverage industry today is a dynamic landscape with a lot of complexity to navigate – but also a wealth of opportunities. At the center of it all are consumers, with their ever-changing preferences for food and drink. Consumers want to be delighted by their food and increasingly, they also want food that’s healthy and planet-friendly. But taste is still king: food has to be delicious in order to end up on the plate or in the shopping bag.

Producing delicious food consistently is a task on its own, but without question, our industry also needs to embrace sustainable food production that uses resources as efficiently as possible. And if 2020  showed us anything, it was that we need to ensure a supply of food that is safe, stable and able to withstand fluctuations.

A delicate balancing act

As these forces converge, producers need to find a balance between meeting consumer preferences for tasty foods and beverages (that also deliver health benefits), driving down food waste and using more efficient and sustainable production methods that still promote profitability. Is striking this balance even possible?

At DSM, we believe it’s possible.

We’re dedicated to bringing science-based solutions to customers, backed by our extensive application expertise and our strong passion for food and beverages and its central role in our global society. From helping to reduce sugar and salt in foods and fortify them with vitamins, minerals and probiotics and enabling 'free-from', 'better-for-you' and 'clean label' products, to creating winning taste and texture and improving process efficiency and responsible use of raw materials – we start by recognizing that every customer has a different set of needs. Our broad portfolio enables us to partner together to select the right tools – or drive innovation by developing new ones – to overcome every customer’s specific challenges.

Innovation is at the core of making this happen

In fact, innovation is really at the heart of DSM. Take EVERSWEET™, our fermentation-based Stevia sugar-reduction solution, developed in a joint venture with Cargill. It addresses the societal need (and current consumer preference) to reduce sugar consumption while leveraging our biotech capabilities and using resources efficiently and sustainably. It’s a key example of DSM’s ‘sweet spot’: where product innovation, application expertise and passion come together – and we will be continuing to broaden our sugar reduction platform.   

. . . from healthy bread to plant-based burgers 

Across the industry, we’re delivering innovative solutions that support customers as they balance the demands of consumers and the planet. Last year for example, DSM launched integrated portfolios for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives – an exploding market opportunity. Our solutions help customers expand their plant-based offerings and also achieve the taste, juicy mouthfeel or solubility and nutritional profile consumers crave in these products.

As of next year, our CanolaPro® – rapeseed protein – will also come on stream as a solution to the global protein challenge, delivering high-quality, nutritious protein to a growing population.

Innovations in our range of vitamins, lipids and mineral ingredients are delivering added nutrition and health benefits in foods, from baked goods to plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. Fortification of baked goods with Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, for example, can help boost nutrition and immunity. Baking enzymes such as our award-winning BakeZyme® Master are helping customers dramatically improve properties like softness and resilience, while also extending freshness and helping to reduce food waste. And new innovations in dairy enzymes, such as Maxilact® Super answers the need for customers to boost production efficiency while delivering a clean-taste from ordinary to organic lactose-free dairy.

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03 March 2021

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The challenges we face as an industry and as a society are not small, but they are solvable with a partner like DSM. Through science-based solutions, application expertise, passion and a thirst for innovation, we can craft inspiring products together that benefit people and the planet.

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